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Skilled Resources


Heavy Duty Mechanic & Light Vehicle Mechanic

  1. Adjust equipment and repair or replace defective parts, components or systems, using hand and power tools
  2. Diagnose faults or malfunctions using computerized and other testing equipment to determine extent of repair required


  1. Dye Penetrate Inspection
  2. Magnetic Particle Inspection
  3. Visual Inspection
  4. Pressure Testing



Auto Electrician

  1. Use meters, test instruments and circuit diagrams to find electrical faults
  2. Service, identify and repair faults on electronically controlled vehicle systems such as electronic fuel injection, electronic ignition, anti-lock braking, cruise control, automatic transmission, airbags and air conditioning


  1. Frame the building including doors and windows
  2. Maintain doors, windows, furniture and other items
  3. Lay building foundations
  4. Maintain building interiors and exteriors




  1. Read blueprints and specifications to lay out work
  2. Unload and position steel units so each piece can be hoisted as needed
  3. Erect structural and architectural precast concrete components for buildings, bridges, towers and other structures